This morning we will examine this Spirit-filled prayer of Paul for the saints at Colosse (Col 1:9-14). Since all Scripture is inspired by God, you and I find in this prayer the perfect will of God for our lives, as well as a model to follow in praying for one another.

A praying church will be a useful church in the Lord’s hands. That is simply the way God has set it up. Prayers, both talking to Jesus and listening to Him, are the heart and soul of the local church.

Praying throughout the day should be as natural for the child of God as breathing. Praying without ceasing about all things — be it prayers of thanksgiving, or prayer on behalf of others — is what fuels the Spirit of God in our midst.

Pray for ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to you today. Pray that the god of this world would not be allowed to blind our minds from believing God’s voice. Spirit-filled prayers avail much.

May we continue to send to our Heavenly Father the ‘knee-mail’ that provides the sweet fragrance of heaven itself.