The apostle Paul’s life was “split up” into three stages of separation. First of all, he recognized that his human birth was not an accident, but rather a separation by God from his mother’s womb. Secondly, he was separated unto the gospel of God. Thirdly, we find the Holy Ghost guiding Paul’s steps on his first missionary journey. Note, the Holy Ghost said, “separate for Me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

Your first, physical birth was no accident, and neither was your spiritual birth into the family of God. “As many as were ordained unto eternal life, believed.” God desires us to live a separated life. That does not mean that we become denominational separatists. It certainly doesn’t mean that we withdraw ourselves from any contact with the world system. No, to be separate means that we are following the Lord Jesus Christ; ever sensitive to the voice of His Spirit, and walking in the love of God. With a renewed mind, and daily renewed strength in our inner man, we determine to walk with God, following the example of Enoch and Noah.

Beloved, are you walking with God today? You see, that is the very essence of separation and godliness. Some people accused the apostles of walking “according to the flesh.” Don’t be surprised when people accuse you of the same thing because you don’t fit into their “religious mold”.

You see, when we do not walk uprightly according to the truth of the gospel, there are going to be problems. Peter got ‘out of the Spirit’ and into ‘the mold’ of unbiblical rules. Sadly, those unscriptural molds have been passed down to our generation. How do we avoid this snare of artificial separation? Stay in the Word and in prayer. Recognize that the sovereign God is Lord of your life and of your circumstances. Remember that you have been separated for salvation, and also into a life of service for Jesus.

No denomination can franchise holiness or separation. No church can say that this exclusively is what separation is, and then rattle off a list of do’s and don’ts. Can you see the danger here? If you don’t observe my do’s or don’ts, you’re not separate.

Biblical separation comes from being rightly related to God through Jesus Christ. This separation may cause people to separate you from their company, but it won’t be because you’re a kook. It will be because you’re like Christ.
Yes, we are called to come out and be separate, which means that Christ is now the very axis of our life and the choices that we make. Living for the glory of God, ever in His presence, seeking Him and His will alone, is true separation.

Set apart for exclusive use … that’s separation.