Although God’s specific and personal will for our lives may not be clearly spelled out in the Bible, we do know that the key that unlocks those doors of decision is found by heeding God’s will for the lives of all believers, and that is sanctification.

The Greek word for sanctification comes from a word which has as its root the meaning of being holy, consecrated, or pure. When a person repents and believes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he or she is placed by the Holy Spirit of God into the body of Christ and is in God’s eyes declared legally sanctified, or set apart. As the Bible declares to us, Jesus Christ is the believer’s sanctification.

Now, however, our obedience and submission to God’s plan of redemption through Jesus Christ also begins a process in our lives called sanctification of the Spirit. Our lives in Christ are now being transformed by the Holy Spirit as we obey the truth of God. God’s people are in a daily process of being sanctified for God’s will and work as we heed His truth.

The very basis of this work of God’s Spirit is our Lord’s word of grace which has granted us complete forgiveness of sins. Our belief in Christ’s work on Calvary has now set us apart for His exclusive use. Christ is now, now merely a part of our life, but He is our life. God’s will is that each of us be sanctified vessels, purged from “the corruption that is in the world through lust”, and abstaining from sexual immorality and all other forms of filthiness of the flesh and spirit.

Ask yourself, “Am I a sanctified person?” “Am I truly committed to the Word of God?” The place to begin is to respond in humility and repentance to the Spirit of grace that leads you to Jesus for salvation. Then comes getting cleaned up by God’s cleansing Word and making your heart the altar from which Jesus Christ can rule.

Today, as you reflect upon your Lord’s sanctifying blood shed for you, may you live a life of entire sanctification. This, we know, is God’s will for our lives.