How blessed it is to remember what Jesus did for us. How precious to remind ourselves, and one another, what Jesus did for people while upon earth. How critical it is for us to remember that our risen Lord Jesus hasn’t changed one bit. Also, may we never forget that part of our walk with Jesus should include anticipating our new home (John 14:2,3) and family (Hebrews 12:22,23)

Saints, because of the finished work of Jesus Christ for our sins, heaven’s door will be flung wide open to receive us the very moment we breathe our last breath upon this earth. When we finish our testimony, we’re going home! We think about heaven far too little. We can get so “battle-minded” that we forget what Jesus has in store for each one of us. Our brother Lazarus, of whom Jesus spoke, didn’t have that much of a life here upon earth, but boy, is he comforted now!

Moses forsook all of this world’s glitter because he could “see” the invisible. Too often we want heaven upon earth. Thank God for all that He does bless us with day by day! If we only focused on the earthly blessings we would find it hard to be adequately thankful. But the truth is, we’ll have heaven too! In fact, the Bible records that some “bonus pay” will be given in heaven for being faithful.

In the midst of all of our earthly “stuff”, be it bad or good, remember heaven! The best is yet to come; for example, a wedding to pale all other weddings. Although it’s spiritually “night time” in this world in a sense, and we all have shed and will shed our share of tears, remember “joy comes in the morning.” Remember how short our time is here on earth.

Remember the gift of eternal life. That’s a promise from Abba.