As we spend time with the Lord this morning, may we once again focus on God’s sole provision for mankind’s sin, and that is His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus Christ alone that the door of salvation into heaven is found.

Throughout Scripture we find this theme of atonement at the expense of another. Psalm 22:1-18 and Isaiah 53:3-12 refer to a human being as the substitute, who is none other than our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ. Calvary magnifies the grace of God and eliminates any human effort as the cause of our forgiveness of sin. Grace eliminates works. Grace will indeed produce works, but never can it be said that a person’s works saved them. It’s all of grace!

Note however who this grace is offered to – the ungodly, sinners, enemies of God; in other words, whosoever wills. Have you truly repented of your sin and committed your heart to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Allow God’s Holy Spirit to examine the very depths of your soul. May nothing keep you from God’s wonderful gift of eternal life. Child of God, allow nothing to come between you and your loving Lord. Look to Jesus today, and know that He loves you.