A study of the attributes of God is both edifying and terrifying. The God of Scripture cannot be fooled, tricked, bribed or manipulated. The Creator of the universe knows each of us better than we know ourselves. David, who knew the Lord as his Shepherd, requested that the Lord would thoroughly search him. Yes, it is possible for us to fool each other sometimes, and even ourselves, but never God!

Peter undoubtedly believed that he was prepared to both go to prison and die for Jesus, but his Lord knew better. We, like Peter, often boast of greater faith, love and strength than we actually possess. How important to remember that our hearts are “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” Our flesh is good for nothing.

How then do we determine where we are with the Lord? Simply by observing how we respond to things in and around our lives. As silver and gold is tried in the furnace, the Lord God reveals our hearts by dictating events and arranging circumstances in our lives that we may discover just how much of His word we truly have heard and personally applied. God leads and chastens us just like He did the nation of Israel, though never, you understand, to condemn us but to conform us to the image of Jesus.

Like Adam, we think that we can hide from God, but He knows us. He knows our fears, struggles, goals, motivations, etc. It is a glorious moment indeed when we realize we have nothing to prove to God or to hide from Him. No guile! No showboating! No claiming to possess what I don’t have!

When we walk in real honesty before God, there will be more humility and less hypocrisy before each other. Truth is reality, and practiced before God and one another it produces true Christianity.