A very popular boxing announcer precedes the introduction of the fighters with the words, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” I’m sure neither combatant thought the word “rumble” meant rhumba.

Likewise, spiritual warfare is no dance. It is a fight to the finish. However, as followers of Jesus we know that the war was won over our enemy at Calvary. Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil”, not to destroy man.

Nevertheless, we are still at war, and wartime is not a time to be sleeping. It is a time to be alert and disentangled from civilian affairs. God has provided for each and every one of His children His very own tried and tested armor.

Note that it is only after the armor is put on and is in place that we are able to stand. And we will stand, no matter how intense the battle, for all the power that we will ever need is always available to us.

So, saints, let’s take the whole armor of God and “get ready to rumble”, for our victory is guaranteed!