Without purpose in life, a person merely lives from day to day, paycheck to paycheck, gathering all that one can get until they die. The writer to Ecclesiastes called this lifestyle that is limited to an existence under the sun as vanity. This is never how the Lord intended our lives to be.

Created and recreated to have fellowship with Him, our lives, through the grace of Christ, now belong to God. This living relationship with God through Jesus Christ gives our lives purpose. The purpose? To be His witnesses in the midst of a world that is bound by darkness. By obedience to God’s word we are to hold forth the word of life in the midst of the unregenerate.

As we are faithful to carry out the daily responsibilities described in Scripture, we find ourselves in our sovereign mission fields. How important to remind ourselves often, if not daily, of our responsibility to the Lord Jesus to be His witnesses in this lost world.10 Realizing this purpose makes whatever I say and do holy business, the business of serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

When Christians make ministry the purpose for life, they have missed the mark. Christ was Paul’s life, with the overflow of that relationship being the work he was called to do. Purpose in your heart to cleave to Jesus throughout your day. Put on Jesus, not the flesh. Make living each day to please Jesus your vision, your purpose in life. That is truly living, and that’s real ministry.