As long as King Uzziah sought the Lord, God made him to prosper (2 Chron 26:3-5). Joshua was also given some ‘keys to prosperity’ (Joshua 1:7,8). Does God want His people to be prosperous? Yes, He does. However, He does not want us to be like “the ungodly who prosper in the world” (Psalm 73:12). Any breed of ‘Christ’s gospel’ that promotes abundance of material things (which is covetousness), or things to be consumed upon our lusts as God’s will for every believer is not telling you the truth.

To want to prosper like the world is lethal. The parable of the sower tells us that riches are deceitful; lust for things is erosive in nature. This is not to say that God does not bless some of His people materially because He does. However, those who are blessed by God, like Barnabas, are possessed by Jesus and not by their possessions. In other words, they don’t lose their peace or joy when the carpet gets stained or the car gets scratched. All things are to be enjoyed, but “all these things will be dissolved” (2 Peter 3:11).

God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. What constitutes the prosperity meant for every servant of God? Their relationship with Jesus. The unsearchable riches of Christ. “Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift!” As long as we are seeking the Lord, we are living in prosperity even if we are “tied up” for a time. Joseph was a prosperous man because the Lord was with him. Enoch walked with God – that’s prosperity. King Jehoshaphat declared another vital ingredient for prosperity in 2 Chronicles 20:20 – faith in God and His word.

I’m not saying that you’ll drive a brand new car (you may); or that you’ll own an expensive home with all of the gadgets and things (you may). No, the prosperity that Jesus wants each of us to have is found in Him, not in those “extras”. Conversely, true poverty comes when we harden our hearts towards Jesus, His Word, and this great fellowship, and soften our hearts to this world.

The great “I AM” is our treasure. Even to be reproached for belonging to Him surpasses all the wealth this world can offer. This treasure (Jesus) dwells in us! Furthermore, our prosperity is to also benefit others, for then treasure is amassed in heaven. The treasures that God desires every house to be filled with25 can be found in Galatians 5:22-23.

Seeking God is valuable, profitable, knowing Jesus makes you the richest man or woman alive, for He is the portion of your inheritance.