It never ceases to amaze me, when I see newscasts from or about the Middle East, how rapidly prophecy is coming together. Interestingly enough, the average person on the street also displays ‘antenna ears’ when he/she hears about the Israeli-Arab situation. The modern-day miracle of Israel becoming a nation is a key part of the prophetic puzzle.

Way back in the Book of Genesis, God called Abraham (then Abram) into a land. Grandpa Abe (Israelis called him that) ‘scoped out’ that land.” The Lord gave him the geographic boundaries, which God further clarified to his descendants. God has also prophesied the future boundaries for Israel during the millennium. This one tiny parcel of land on the planet earth God calls His land.

Jeremiah the prophet wrote that the seed of the house of Israel shall be led to this land from the north country and all the countries. Our modern history has seen the exodus from Russia (north country), Ethiopia, etc., to Israel. Under ‘Operation Magic Carpet’ from June, 1949-50, nearly the entire Yemen Jewish community returned to Israel. During ‘Operation Babylon’, May, 1950-52, approximately 104,000 Iraqi Jews were flown to Israel. 14,194 Jews were brought to Israel during a 22-hour airlift called ‘Operation Moses’. As of 9/1/93 statistics, Israel had grown from 650,000 to 4,100,000, of which 2,158,403 (half) had immigrated since 1948! Now in the 21st century, Jews continue to make “aliyah” back to their ancient homeland.

Don’t buy into the lie that “God is through with the Jew”! In fact, Paul specifically warns us Gentiles about casting away God’s “natural branches”. You can be absolutely certain that Israel, Jerusalem in particular, will be center stage for world events just prior to and during the great tribulation period, as well as after the Lord’s return. Though far from perfect, this land is still the apple of God’s eye, for whom the Lord will be a wall of fire at the end of Daniel’s 70th week. We are currently living in the parenthetical time period between Daniel’s 69th and 70th weeks. Tribulation period shadows appear to be looming right before our very eyes. The nation of Israel will recognize the One “whom they pierced” as their Messiah at the end of the great tribulation.

Your eternal destiny rests in your acceptance or rejection of this pierced One as God’s sacrificial lamb for your sin. People scoffed at those who taught that God was not through with the nation of Israel. They’re not scoffing now. Others scoff when we preach Christ crucified for our sin and salvation. The same Author who prophesied about Israel also tells us about salvation and eternity. You can believe Him!