I find it interesting when I see the beautiful balance in God’s Word. We have been looking at end times prophecy in Paul’s letters to the church at Thessalonica, and here, at the very end of Paul’s inspired words to these saints, he gets downright practical. Yes, Jesus may come at any moment, but that doesn’t mean that we drop out of society. Jesus Himself tells us that we are to shine as lights in this world, using the talents that He has given to us for His glory.

Whatsoever we do, we are to do it to bring glory to God. We are called to work hard, as unto the Lord. Our faith in Jesus is meant to be on display, not apart from, but in the midst of a lost world. Our lives are to be living epistles of what we believe to be true. Believing that “the Lord is at hand” (or, “near”) will always inspire us to action. We are Christ’s ambassadors on this earth until He calls us home.

Be not weary in well-doing, saints! Seize every opportunity you are given to glorify the King. Remember, a faith that is not verbal and visible is no faith at all.