When you hear the word power, what do you think of? When the Bible uses the word power, what does it mean? Well, the original word in the Greek for power means “special miraculous power, ability, abundance, might, strength.” This same word is translated elsewhere as virtue or mighty.

Jesus told His disciples that they were to tarry in Jerusalem until they were endued, invested with, this power from on high. The Book of Acts records some of the manifestations of this power in the form of healings and speaking in tongues. However, the most visible manifestation was a boldness and strength to live every day as a witness for Jesus, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Many people seek God’s power in order to be known as men or women of power, and some people put on displays of power supposedly “to the glory of God”. But true power comes from God, saints, and Jesus gives us power to be His witnesses. He gives the power to share our faith with the lost. He gives us power to be holy in an unholy world, loving in an unloving world. Jesus gives us power to love our spouses, to love each other. He empowers us to happily be nobody! You see, the power of God’s precious Spirit is not to be flaunted, toyed with, or put on display. Rather, the power of God’s Spirit is given to us that we might be fruitful and faithful to Jesus whether it be at work, school, on vacation, etc.

Do you want a fresh filling today? Ask Abba and receive from Him the power of His Spirit.15