Oftentimes we Christians in casual conversation speak words that convey our lack of faith in the Lord. We communicate doubt, excuses, and downright displeasure with what He’s doing in our lives. We also talk about God as if He were a mere mortal like ourselves. We say things like: “It’s an impossible situation” or, “I couldn’t possibly do that for the Lord!” The one statement declares God’s inability to work things out, and the other denies His ability to work through me. They both deny God’s Word and deify our own way of thinking. Instead, we need to change our way of thinking with God’s Word.

The Scriptures tell us that it is impossible for God to lie. Thus, we can conclude that since God’s Word is truth, it can be trusted as the final authority in our lives. God keeps His promises, and not one word He speaks fails or returns void. Since I can trust God, I need to seek His will for my life and live accordingly. His Word will reveal His will to me. So, if I find myself overwhelmed by contrary circumstances, feelings, temptations, or whatever, I must choose whether to believe God’s truth or my subjective emotions or contrary condition.

If God promises strength but I feel weak; if God promises His supply and my resources are depleted; if God promises perfect peace but I feel all bound up, what am I going to allow to shape my thinking and determine my speech and actions? I must choose whether to listen to the evil report of ‘giants in the land’ or enter the Canaan of rest in God’s Word.

Now I have a tendency to dash to God’s “throne of grace”, speak my peace and leave, but I find that kind of prayer profits me little because I’m not really casting my cares upon Him as I’m told. But if I pray believing that nothing is impossible for God, then prayer becomes the arena where impossibilities become possible. The situations in my life that I consider to be impossible are largely due to the fact that the agent I’m counting on to do the work is not God, but man. If my eyes are fixed upon the Creator of all, then even if nothing else changes, I will.

I must believe Christ’s words that “with God all things are possible.” I must also remember that I cannot please Him without faith, but if I believe Him, then all things are possible. In other words, our Lord is telling us that He, without any help from us, is able to do what seems impossible in our lives – in our health, finances, relationships – whatever the need may be.

So take that one prevailing ‘mountain’ in your life today to the Lord in serious (not merely emotional) prayer, as in Luke 18:1-7. See if this will not transfer the burden from your shoulders to Christ’s, where it should be! Recall the seemingly impossible situations in your past with which Jesus has successfully dealt. It may also help to talk with (not complain to!) a mature believer about your ‘impossibility’, seeking godly wisdom and counsel. And always remember God’s love, which recognized the impossibility of mankind’s salvation apart from the cup of Calvary’s cross that Jesus had to drink.

Saints, if you are walking in the Lord’s light but today are being troubled by disturbing circumstances, remember that nothing is too hard for God to do. “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”