When we hear the word “peace” we may instinctively think of a calm summer night with a beautiful sunset covering a quiet lake. No phone calls, noise, or responsibilities to disturb our tranquility. Pretty peaceful, right? And thank God for those occasional vacations when such fantasies become reality! However, the point I want to make is that nearly anyone can have this kind of peace. A rich person can ‘buy’ this peace. Biblical peace, however, is quite different. You see, the peace that God gives is beyond understanding. God’s peace is not the absence of trouble; it’s the presence of God.

Jesus our Lord is called, “Prince of Peace.” In fact, Jesus also said, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.” How does the world give peace? Externally. How does Jesus give peace? In the human heart. That’s the peace that enables one to be calm in the midst of a storm. Being a Christian doesn’t stop the storms of life from occurring. Even Jesus testified that the storms will come, even when we’re obeying His words!

We must understand that peace is a facet of Spiritual fruit, not a vacation in Hawaii, or even the absence of pressures and turmoil. Only as we realize our peace with God8 can we experience the peace of God. God’s peace is meant to rule in the heart, even when it is lacking in the circumstances.

The gospel is a message of peace, and God desires His peace to be multiplied to you. Even when God needs to discipline us as a loving Father, the result in the obedient believer’s life is peaceable fruit.

In a world full of darkness, chaos and confusion, it is essential that we be Spiritually minded people. Only as we keep our eyes on the Lord and our affections on things above can we victoriously face the changes and challenges of life. Only as we commit our troubles to the Lord can we experience peaceful sleep. In fact, when we walk with wholehearted devotion to Christ, He promises to even cause our enemies to be at peace with us!

God’s peace is unchangeable – even when it rains in Hawaii at sunset.