Our ascended Lord Jesus is right now seated as our High Priest. This is truly one of the most comforting teachings in the New Testament because He has made reconciliation for us, and He now pleads on our behalf in heaven. Our High Priest Jesus is unchangeably faithful and merciful. He understands our frustrations, weaknesses, and fears. These human characteristics that we struggle with do not disqualify us from approaching Him. No! In fact, they should be the vehicles that drive us to Him!

“Bring him to Me” (Matt 17:17c) is the voice of our Master who cares for us.

He is able to help us. “I am willing” (Heb 2:18) is our Lord’s response to our appeal for help. This does not mean that we will always get what we feel that we need, but it always means that He will dispense to us unconditionally those things we truly need – His grace and mercy. Christ will never stop ministering on our behalf. This Jesus serves us today as the Surety and Mediator of the new covenant. His ministry at this moment is as High Priest.

The Old Testament High Priest bore on his shoulders the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. That pictures the desire of Jesus to carry His lambs through life. Place the “government” of your life upon His shoulders. We are to offer to Him our lives as a sacrifice. He then purifies us on the altar of life with refining fiery trials.

The High Priest over the house of God exhorts us to draw near to Him “with a true heart in full assurance of faith”. As we unwaveringly profess Him, let us exhort one another unto the love and good works that He so worthily deserves!