All Christians are commanded to be holy. We are not given the option of being “selectively” holy. By that I mean that we “reserve” areas in our lives where we can engage in questionable activity or speech. There is no escaping this call unto holiness3 and purity for every child of God.

In our flesh dwells no good thing, but that should never be used as a “loophole” for unholy conduct. We can never be put into a temptation that is beyond what God will enable us to resist. Although we may indeed be overtaken in some fault or easily besetting sin, the victory that Jesus won for us upon the cross comes as we yield our members (lit., “body parts”) to God for holiness.

The deepest desire of each and every child of God should be to be a vessel for honor, fit for the Master’s use. Holy. Set apart. Separate. Each of these words describes our being sanctified both in Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit. Our lives are to be “a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God”; seeking to please the One who ”drafted” us into His holy army.

Do you realize you are a holy temple for Jesus? Saints, we were chosen by God to be holy, and our new life in Christ enables us to walk in true holiness. Salvation is a holy calling according to the purpose and grace of God. So, when the Lord chastens us, it is that we might partake of His holiness, for without holiness, “no man shall see the Lord”.

May the truth of Jesus’ imminent return provoke you and me to live in “holy conduct and godliness”.