As we journey through this life, it’s important that we remember where our real home is. Each believer experiences tribulation in his or her pursuit of the kingdom of God. However saints, our hearts are not to be troubled by life’s perils and problems, but encouraged by the promise of God’s future kingdom. Although from time to time we may get rattled by circumstances, the kingdom of God that we belong to is unshakable. Our great High Priest is unchangeable, and His love, grace, joy, hope, and truth are the strength of our lives.

Beloved, when was the last time that you studied about the kingdom of God? Not knowing what this kingdom is in its present form, or what it will be in the future, can be a needless cause of worry and anxiety. To have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is how entrance is made into this kingdom. To continue in fellowship with Him is how we cultivate the “fruit” of the kingdom. God’s kingdom is within the grasp of whoever takes the Lord’s invitation to heart.

As believers, we must be aware of the traps set by the enemy to choke the life of God’s kingdom out of us. We must be prepared to go forward without any intention of turning back, determining that no sacrifice is too great to be made.

Without a child-like faith in Jesus Christ, the benefits of the kingdom will never be experienced. Without a ‘wedding-like’ anticipation, we are apt to get caught up in things we ought not be occupied with.

Saints, there is a kingdom coming that is not like anything ever imagined. May each of us be encouraged as we await that glorious time! Until then, may our prayer be, “Thy kingdom come.”