The Christmas season has gone by; now what do we do? The answer to that question is contained in God’s Word. There is tremendous value in setting aside a time of the year to ponder the claims of Christ’s birth, and all of the related implications. But now that we have done that, it is time to allow those truths to permeate our lives. You see, Incarnation minus application equals desperation.

After all the packages have been opened, after all the parties have been attended, what are we left with? When you look at that man (or woman) in the mirror, what is that person’s life really all about?

To start this new year, we will hear from the Apostle Peter some very challenging but encouraging words about walking with Christ in a Christ-rejecting world. Peter’s letters will help us obtain an eternal, spiritual perspective in life, as opposed to a temporal, carnal philosophy for living.

The birthday of Jesus has indeed passed, but the Christ of Christmas is with us! Emmanuel! He is what life is truly all about.