We find in Acts 13:1-5 a wonderful picture of fellowship between the Spirit of God and man. How beautiful to see these saints united in ministering unto the Lord Jesus.

It is interesting to note that, although there are several Greek words which are translated as ‘minister’. The one used here in Acts has the distinct connotation of being a ‘worshipper of God’, as well as a ‘public servant’ or ‘benefactor’.

There are many ways that we can minister to our Lord. One way we can worship Him in serving others is by using the various abilities and gifts He has given us for His glory. Another way we can minister to Jesus is by reaching out to those who are enduring trials and afflictions even greater than our own. We can also minister by our faithfulness and diligence at our workplace. As we find in our text in Acts, corporate prayer and fasting also ministers to Jesus. Of course, we can worship the Lord to the benefit of those around us through songs of praise.

May the Holy Spirit engrave in our hearts this truth about ministering unto God in all things! This being a minister of Jesus is what true greatness is all about. Any capacity we have for ministry is according to the gift of the grace of God given to us. Therefore, there is nothing to glory in except Jesus Christ!

So practical is our gospel that our normal day to day conversation with others should minister grace unto them. Our Lord never overlooks those things that you say and do in ministry unto Him, even though man may. The important thing is to be faithful, during every season of life.

As a royal priesthood, our calling in life may include various ministries, but they all have the same purpose, ‘to minister unto Me’.