Indulge me for a few moments. I just can’t seem to grasp this “magic wand” kind of Christianity. You know the kind where I “command” the God of Eternity to do something, and He just does it! Every single time, the same way. You know what I mean: “If you do this, say this, then God must act!”

Now I do believe in answered prayer, and I do believe in God’s promises. However, I have yet to pin down the pattern or formula that the Lord uses to say, “yes,” “no,” “wait,” or “My grace is sufficient”. If we can figure God out, then the god we have figured out is not the God of the Holy Scriptures.

You see, He is the Ruler! He has resources beyond our comprehension, and methods that would stagger all of our minds put together. Therefore, we are to “not lean on (our) own understanding”, because “the just shall live by faith.” But faith in what? In my faith? No, for if all I need is faith in my faith, then I need not ‘bother’ to call out to Jesus. No, the faith that we are to have is a child-like (trusting), not childish (demanding), faith in God.

If we commit our ways to Him, He directs our path. Therefore, “we walk by faith, not by sight.” We are to trust and obey; it’s that simple. Therefore, let us cast our cares (prisons) upon the Lord, walk in the light, and not turn to the left or right.

Just as the Lord delivered Peter out of prison in response to prayer, so too will He minister a “release” to you today, as you place your faith and life totally into His care. It’s not a question of how the job will get done, but Who is doing the work.