In the Book of Acts, chapter 12, we find an unsaved man, Herod, smitten by an angel of God because he did not give glory to God but allowed the people to worship him as a god. If this man was struck down for not giving God glory, what about you and me? After all, the whole purpose of creation is to display the glory of God!

When Adam sinned in the garden, mankind fell short of the glory of God. However, when God’s Spirit points sinners to Jesus Christ for conviction of sin and salvation, they can confess Him as their Lord to the glory of God the Father! Then their life’s purpose becomes to live each day to bring glory to Jesus Christ. One of the things that should inspire us to sing unto the Lord with all of our hearts is because His glory is so great. Even during the time of great tribulation on earth, Scripture reveals that the temple in heaven will be filled with the glory of God.

As we behold our Lord today in worship, in fellowship, and in His word, the Spirit of God changes us from glory to glory. Oh for that blessed day when Jesus sets up His kingdom and the whole earth will be filled with His glory! We presently rejoice in that future promise of the glory of the Lord. However, until that time, God desires to be glorified in His servants. We are His workmanship, and the Lord intends to be glorified through the work of His hands.

As we ‘walk in the light as He is in the light,’ cleaving unto Jesus with purpose of heart, submitting all of our ways to Him by faith, our Lord will be glorified. So be it!