The book of Genesis unlocks many of God’s great doctrinal and practical truths. Note that His first act of creation was light. Isn’t that interesting? To have life, light is required.

Paul, formerly Saul, was a very religious person but he didn’t have life in the Biblical sense until he “saw the Light”. Also in the first chapter of Genesis, we find God establishing the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night. Do not miss the fact that light is given by God to rule or govern over the earth. Is it surprising to read that Scripture is light, given by God Himself, and sent to guide us and show us how to live?

Yes, this present world is full of darkness and lies but we, as God’s people, can have light even in the midst of “Egypt”. The love of and for darkness prevents people from coming to the light. May our Lord help us, individually and as a local body, walk in His light and intimate fellowship. The fruit of our personal worship of Christ will be a “light show” for all the world to see.
The church is God’s candlestick in the world today. Just like the candlestick in the earthly sanctuary required oil to burn, we too need God’s holy oil, symbolizing our need for His anointing and gladness.

Does God’s light govern your lifestyle? Does grace license darkness? Before the Passover meal, children in Jewish homes search for leaven (a symbol of sin) with a light of some sort. Any leaven found is then burned, symbolizing judgment on sin. Although we are completely forgiven through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His light continues to shine on us to purify unto Himself a holy and pure church. It’s still Passover in a sense.

Lord Jesus, in Your mercy, shine Your light of grace, mercy and truth upon us that we may reflect You in our lives.