Paul’s desire was to go the extra mile in order to win his fellow Jews to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. In fact, Paul was willing to go to any length in order to share the gospel with anyone who would listen. Every member in the body of Christ is called to be a witness and winner of souls.

However, if there is going to be substance to our message, our lives must reflect the message that we proclaim. Our lifestyle is to be a living example of the faith we claim to possess.

To be salt and light requires a holy walk, which enables us to share our faith confidently with others. We need to constantly remind ourselves that being a soul-winner is a matter of both walk and talk. To win others to Christ, we first must be won over by Jesus ourselves.

Is Jesus your first love? Is Jesus your life? May we demonstrate a kingdom attitude that reflects a life that has been translated from darkness into His marvelous light. Then our shining in Christ will be used to turn others to righteousness through faith in Jesus.