Scripture uses nature to teach us many lessons. For example, Christians are likened to farmers. Some plant, some water but it is “God who gives the increase.” What a challenge! You and I can be implements used in the Lord’s garden. And for each task there is a season. However, if we get our eyes off the work at hand, we will never reap a consistent harvest. In fact, we never know which seeds of evangelism, prayer, encouragement, or giving will sprout up, or when!

We do know, however, that the seed we are to use is the Word of God. In any given situation, plant the word and water it with prayer. Even Old Testament pictures illustrate the importance of consistency in sowing Scripture. Mixed seed (adding worldly “wisdom” to the pure word of God) produces doublemindedness. Sowing wickedness will reap more of the same. God tells us that He is not mocked; we will reap what we sow.

We can effect each other’s gardens too. I can sow prayer on your behalf, and encouragement in Christ. Sadly, the possibility also exists to sow discord and contentions. What kind of a “garden” do you want Koinonia to be? What kind of seeds are you sowing? Jesus has provided good seed for us. However, before the fruit appears, some hard soil in our hearts must be tilled.

Let’s be laborers together, and dig deep, desiring the ways and paths of the Lord. As we sow (and grow!) together in Christ, the result will be rejoicing in the One who gives the increase.