This individual is extremely popular. He has charisma, that “something special.” Someone said his words reflect “the feelings I feel.” The songs he wrote speak about love and truth. (Could they be psalms?) He has a staff who work night and day; some don’t even draw a paycheck. People have said: “When I hear him, it’s like he took my whole life and put it into words.” “I feel like he’s family.” One person reportedly relied on this individual’s lyrics to help her through her father’s death. People travel an average of 178 miles to see him, but one person trucked 2,200 miles, another flew 4,965. The article written was about dedication to someone special – Michael Bolton.

As a musician, he does have a great voice, but where did it come from? The reporter noted how Bolton’s fans were loyal to him and apparently would make any sacrifice of time, travel or sleep to see him. Many fans, especially female, are attracted to his sensitivity.

Two lost words in our ‘church’ vocabulary are “loyalty” and “dedication.” Hopefully, individual churches are made up of born-again disciples of Jesus Christ, and we express, though not entirely, our commitment to Him in these local churches. Dedication and loyalty to Jesus Christ will inspire us to serve Him in the Spirit within the local church. I wish to God that every local body had as many people devoted to Jesus as Michael Bolton apparently has devoted to him!

You get the impression from the article that nothing and nobody could or would ever stand in the way of any of Michael’s fans getting to him. How far would they travel to have dinner with him? How much would they pay to talk to him on the phone? They seem willing to make unlimited sacrifices, expend unlimited energy.

What about Jesus? Does He not know you well? Does He not know how you feel? Does He not want to talk with you and reveal His love, tenderness and mercy? Did He not give His life for you? Do you realize He has enlisted you in His ‘army’? What sacrifice are you willing to make for Him? Are you devoted to ministering to fellow believers? If all aspects of our lives are devoted to Jesus, this would include our service within the local assembly. We would be serving God and serving each other, lifting each other up in prayer, and helping out as led by the Lord.

Michael Bolton may be a great guy, but when any human being, especially a Christian, shows more loyalty, dedication or sacrifice to anyone or anything other than Jesus, something is out of line.

May the Lord Jesus touch our hearts afresh to put away the enticements of the world. His love is deserving of our lives. Remove any rival.