This Sunday we celebrate the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He said that He would rise again. The resurrection of Jesus is what separates the Christian faith from all the religions of the world. The ‘founders’ of Islam, Hinduism, etc., have all died – and remain dead! You can visit their final resting places.

Not so with Jesus! Three days after He was securely placed in that guarded tomb, women came to His burial site expecting to find His body and anoint it with spices. Instead they were greeted with the news that has shaped the destiny of mankind: ‘He is risen!’

Jesus is alive today! The heavenly scene confirms this. We are in the presence of the risen Jesus today. Jesus is the living Savior who came to die for our sin, and destroy the works of the devil, thus bringing all those who believe in Him into a personal relationship with God.

Don’t substitute a dead faith for a living one, or accept tradition instead of truth. Open your heart to His Word today, and if you have never done so before, let the King of Glory in! He is awaiting your response.