Isaiah prophesied that Christ would be “a foundation, a stone”. Paul called Jesus the foundation in 1 Corinthians 3:11. Christ, without controversy, is The Chief Cornerstone and Head of His Church. If there is to be any assurance of salvation and subsequent confidence in our daily walks, it must find its basis solely upon the finished work of Christ. Without this foundation, any religious structure is sure to fall.

Jesus was symbolized by the Rock at Horeb that was smitten to bring forth water. Christ, once purged for our sins, now sits triumphantly and victoriously at the Father’s right hand. The door of grace has now been opened wide because the Lamb of God has prevailed!

Man, strangely enough, has invented other rocks to replace the Person and work of Christ. Some have made Peter the rock. Peter obviously was unaware of this position when he wrote about sinners coming to “The Living Stone”. Men have made religion their rock; morality their rock; self-esteem their rock. How tragic it is to see lives crumble and shatter because of an inferior foundation.

Who is your Rock today? When you are “out of it”, do you cry to the Lord your Rock? How safe and secure we can be today in Jesus, our Rock and Fortress. Humanism is a poor rock because “every man at his best state is but vapor”, and to put our confidence and ultimate trust in a man’s power, wisdom or wealth is placing ourselves under a curse. No thank you!

When I find that things are driving me to my “wit’s end”, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. I might add that this Rock is higher than any attorney, banker or doctor. Yes, God does use human hearts and hands, but it is His grace and love and ability working through the instrument that causes us to reaffirm time and again that He alone is my Rock and salvation. You see, He cannot be your salvation apart from being your Rock.

This Rock of Israel is the same today as He was before the dawn of time. This Rock is not only with you, but He is for you, and dwelling in you. He is the Father’s sole foundation.

Jesus is the Rock. His work is perfect, and the work that He began in you He will carry out to completion. Our Rock, Jesus, is full of mercy and long suffering, and He understands us head to toe. He never points an accusing finger. Rather, He joys over his bride with singing.

Is there any rock like our God? Stand on this Rock today with a fresh confidence in His grace, His power, and the gospel. You can only stand fast in the Lord. He knocks ever so gently. In light of Psalm 130:3,4, stand in awe of His forgiveness. With childlike faith, cherish our Rock, adore Him, and praise His blessed name forever.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen.”