In our study this morning, we are introduced to two of the beloved titles of The Lord Jesus Christ. In verses 14 through 22, Jesus Christ is revealed as The Prince of Peace and Chief Cornerstone of His church. In a world that is filled with chaos and turmoil, Jesus Christ is for His people The Prince of Peace. In a world of shattered and broken relationships and governments, Jesus Christ is revealed as the Chief Cornerstone.

The context of our Scriptures today teach us that it is Jesus Who tore down the barriers that divided the Jews and Gentiles. When people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, they are knit together by The Spirit of God, regardless of their ethnic background. How beautiful it is to see people who were once hostile towards one another due to race, color or religion, become united in Christ, and begin to grow in grace and become disciples of Jesus Christ, and then start to reach the lost with the gospel. While it is important for the church to know what the Scriptures say about its purpose and role in this world, may we never allow the lesser to take preeminence over the Greater, Jesus Christ.

The major theme in Scripture is not the redemption of man (as glorious as that is), but The Redeemer of man, Jesus Christ. The church may be an instrument through which people are blessed by God to receive peace, but the source of that peace is Jesus Christ, not the church. The church may be used to minister healing and comfort to broken and hurting people, but the source of that healing and comfort is Jesus Christ, not the church. The Key to the health and life and effectiveness of ministry is Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and Chief Cornerstone.