One of the many moral battlegrounds being waged today in our society is that regarding the life of the unborn in the womb of its mother. This battle began with the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision back in 1973. There is no question that according to God’s Word, life begins at the very moment of conception. Psalm 139 clearly talks about this miracle and mystery of personhood inside of the mother even before the human eye can detect any form or shape. Thus, the need for the church to take a pro-life stand is one that is biblical and important. We pray for and stand by the efforts made by CompassCare to minister to every woman who may come to their center. It is their prayer and intention to minister to every woman who enters their center with the love, hope and compassion of Jesus Christ, along with competent medical counsel and help.

But this ministry is also deeply rooted and grounded upon the Name and gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ, Who shed His innocent blood for the sins of the world. Life matters to The Living God, and the effort to save the unborn and minister to their indecisive mother and father is indeed a reflection of the heart of a loving, caring God and Creator. Because of the multiple side effects of abortion, be they physical, mental, emotional or philosophical, the ministry of the gospel at such a time is of utmost importance. Not only to the women who have had an abortion or are contemplating one, but also to the men who may have pushed them into having them and are now dealing with the hard reality of that decision. Only the innocent blood of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the complete forgiveness and pardon that is granted to those who trust in Him, can relieve and set free those who are ridden with guilt and condemnation.

May The Lord God give us ears to hear His gospel today, and may you trust in the power of His innocent blood to forgive you, and give you new life.