Redemption is the theme of Scripture. From the early chapters in Genesis right on through the Book of Revelation, the thought of the guilty being set free at the expense of the innocent is clear.

Take a look at how this theme of redemption is recorded in the book of Ruth, especially in chapter 4. Indeed, redemption is a romantic affair (as is also seen in the Song of Solomon). Boaz, a type of Christ, declared,  ‘I purchased (Ruth) to be my wife .’ The word ’purchase’ implies a price was paid. Paul writes that we were bought with a price, and Jesus Himself declared that His very life would be the ransom payment. How vital it is to see that redemption is in Christ Jesus alone, and in nothing or no one else.  For there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Because it is the work of God that places us in Christ, apart from our own works (good or bad), He receives all the glory. It is by faith that we are the children of God, and now we are His workmanship! Because Jesus paid the price for us, our lives belong to Him.

May our remembrance of the cost for our forgiveness encourage us to adore and trust our Lord Jesus today for our present needs as well as for our future.