Scripture declares that the name of our Lord is holy and reverend (or awesome). Isaiah actually saw God in His holiness. So did the apostle John. Any thing or place related to the Lord is holy because of His holiness. His habitation is holy, and wherever He is present becomes holy. His people are holy. Nothing can compare to God’s holiness.

The Messiah Jesus was referenced in the Old Testament as the “Holy One”. Saints, “great is the Holy One of Israel in your midst.” That’s why we must fight the urge to turn to the world or the arm of the flesh for help. To grow in knowledge of our Lord is the path to understanding.

This Holy One is the Everlasting God, conceived of the Holy Ghost, and born in Bethlehem. Even unclean spirits know that Jesus is “the Holy One of God!” Yes, He who does great things both in me and for me is named Holy.

The prophets of God were holy men who have written by inspiration of God His holy word, leaving us the record of the holy Godhead of Father, Son, and Spirit.

Our calling from the God who saved us is to be holy because He is holy. One way to develop our holy faith is through prayer. We become wiser through knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Today, “may all that is within (us), bless His holy name!”