How comforting to know that we have a faithful and merciful High Priest in heaven at this very moment representing us before the Father. He is merciful and faithful, not angry and unpredictable!

Consider our High Priest today, Christ Jesus. We find Jesus as Priest in the book of Genesis under the name of Melchizedek serving communion4 to Abraham, the “father” of faith. The duty of the priest in the Old Testament was to minister to Jehovah, clothed with special garments. Our High Priest is clothed with meekness and lowliness of heart and compassion for mankind. Our High Priest’s tenure is forever and, because this Priest is God, this means that “He is able to save to the uttermost those who come to the Father by Him, since He ever lives to make intercession for them.”

Oh, what a great High Priest we have in Jesus! He is touched with our infirmities, and He cares for us. This “calling” to be mankind’s High Priest came from the Father Himself, which reveals to us what the true and living God is like. Our High Priest has entered heaven in His glorified body as our forerunner, which indicates that more will follow. Jesus unceasingly ministers both to God the Father and to man.

Of course, it was necessary for our atoning High Priest to be more than a mere mortal man, and He was! Jesus has entered, as High Priest, into the holy of holies with His own blood, thus obtaining eternal redemption for us. This Priest’s blood cleanses us from all sin because it’s the blood of God Himself! Because of our great High Priest, we will one day reign as priests in the Millennial Kingdom.

Jesus Christ is the prevailing Priest from the tribe of Judah! He is an unchangeable Priest, and He ministers an unchanging priesthood that offers to us royalty and the ability to live holy and acceptable lives unto Him. Blessed be His Name forever! Amen.