When we open our Bibles today, we are not reading the opinions of men, but just what it claims to be – the word of God.

God’s word is incorruptible; it is alive and piercing, like a two-edged sword. In a world that is dark, God’s word shines like a light unto my path. God’s holy word is described as: “perfect,” “sure,” “right,” “pure,” “true,” “righteous,” more desirable than riches, sweeter than honey, protective, and profitable.

Sadly, because you and I have easy access to God’s word in many forms, there is a tendency to diminish its value. We can begin to read the Scriptures in search of ‘hidden clues’ or ‘keys for success’ instead of reading it to hear God speak to our hearts. God’s word is meant for revelation, not mere information. It is God’s love letter to His bride. It also tells us of things which lie ahead. Oh how blessed we are to have all of God’s word so readily available to us!

So, as we study God’s word together today, pray for ears to hear, and a tender and obedient heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to apply the truth in your daily life. Don’t just listen and leave; obey and live!