Job asked the question, “(Does God) see as man sees?” The obvious answer is no. Only God sees “the big picture”. Only God knows everything.

The obvious, however, is not always so obvious in daily life. Amnesia in spiritual matters amongst Christians is the cause for much unrest and instability. Faith obeys what one cannot see solely because of a firm belief that God does see. Have you ever experienced the frustration of knowing what lies ahead for someone but, after counseling them to avoid a certain course of action, see them stubbornly press on in their own self will and get hurt? How we must receive God’s word in our lives with meekness! The only alternative is leaning upon our own understanding, which sooner or later, will prove to be disastrous.

Because the only truly qualified counselor in life is Jesus, He declares that “Counsel is Mine.” There is safety in a multitude of counselors, provided, of course, that the counsel is from the Lord. Every time we read the Bible, the Lord is counseling us. How we need ears to heed His counsel! Most of the Pharisees (who were very religious) and lawyers (very impressive) rejected the counsel of God, even when presented by Jesus Himself!

God’s counsel is eternal and immutable. Paul assured the elders of Ephesus that he had “not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.” One reason Israel fell in the wilderness was because they did not wait upon God’s counsel. Jesus told the self-confident, yet self-deceived Laodiceans that they needed His counsel. This is still true, for the last stage of the Church needs God’s counsel, not humanistic philosophies!

So, when making decisions or seeking direction remember this: only Jesus knows all things. Wise is the man that walks in God’s counsel, and is assured of his final reward.