The answer to our need for power to live the Christian life is the filling of the Spirit of God.1 We can have willing spirits, but our flesh is weak.2 Jesus promised us another Comforter (Helper) who would dwell within us forever.3 This Comforter of course is God the Holy Ghost. He is our Teacher,4 and He testifies to us about Jesus.5

How wonderful our Father is to leave us His Spirit to work in us and through us!6 Isaiah likens this filling to a lush, green forest7 and a refreshing spring.8 It is the Spirit of God who loves9 and bears precious fruit10 through us as we simply abide in Jesus.11

As we learn of God’s Spirit today, may we come to a place of fresh empowerment12 to walk with Jesus and to serve Jesus. True power13 is from above,14 and is available to each and every one of us today, just for the asking.15

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