As we have been studying Jesus’ teaching on signs leading up to His return, I’m sure that we have been challenged to walk closer to Him. A word that is used in Scripture that could label the kind of faith needed for these last days is fervent.

Paul tells the church at Rome that they were not to be slothful in business, but “fervent in spirit, serving the Lord”. Indeed, each of us must be fervently about our Father’s business. Working with Jesus for the care of others is holy business. Oh how important it is for us to be Spirit filled and diligent. Apollos was an example of holy fervency and diligence (Acts 18:24-25). Epaphras is another example of a fervent servant of Jesus Christ (Col 4:12), who, among other things, was cited as being fervent in prayer.

Love may wax cold in the world, but as the end draws near, our love for one another should be purer and more fervent. This fervent love is Christ-like in that it covers a multitude of sins. With the approaching end of the world prophesied to be a most intense event, we need to draw near to God and look up, for our redemption draws near.