Have you seen those bumper stickers with the slogan “No Fear”? In reality, the only people on the planet who can live by the motto “Fear Not” are those who have given their lives to Jesus Christ.

There is not one Scripture where God tells a person outside of fellowship with Him to fear not. It is only those who belong to Christ that are told not to be troubled or afraid. Fear is a spirit that never comes from our God.

Indeed we may feel afraid, but we do not need to live or walk in fear. God’s perfect love for us casts out those fiery darts of fear. We no longer need to fear death or condemnation. We no longer need to be anxious about our daily needs because it is our Father’s good pleasure to give His children the Kingdom.

We can serve Jesus without fear because Jesus is our shield, our rock and fortress!

Are you living in fear? Here are some good verses to read:
John 14:27; 2 Tim 1:7; 1 John 4:18; Heb 2:14; Rom 8:1,2; Matt 6:25-33; Luke 12:32; Luke 1:74; Gen 15:1;
Psalm 18:2.