The new birth places within each and every believer the ability to live and love like never before. The key that unlocks this revelation is God’s incorruptible Word. As we drink and chew on Scripture, we begin to understand how God intends for us to live. We see how He desires us to dwell together as a church family. But we will see this morning, Lord willing, that effort is required on our part for the church to function the way God intends it to.

There are specific attitudes and ways of speaking that must be laid aside. There are attitudes which, like old clothing, must be put off, and new virtues put on. Since we are forgiven, we are to exercise that love which will “cover a multitude of sins.” This new life in Jesus drives my selfish, excuse-making flesh crazy!

My dear brothers and sisters, because of the new birth, we are a family, so love one another. Never allow how you feel determine how you act towards others. Walking in love pleases God. That’s all we need to know, isn’t it?