Our generation has seen the entrance of the backseat, passive father. Sad to say, even today’s father’s alleged “involvement” in their children’s lives are only in areas where dad gets blessed. What does God expect a godly father and husband to be like? Simply put guys, we are to follow His example.1

One of the titles of Jesus is “Everlasting Father”.2 Jesus said that to see Him would be like seeing His Father.3 What a wonderful role model we have, men! Like the old hymn declares, “Rise up, O man of God!”

God calls us to be men of courageous faith.4 Men who walk in the power of God’s Spirit5 instead of the “muscle” of this world system. Men of prayer,6 rooted and grounded in the love of Jesus Christ.7 God has called us men to lead our families in the ways of the Lord,8 refusing to bow down to the standards of society.

And where do we obtain these ways of the Lord? From our Father in heaven.9 Allow God to change you, brothers,10 into the image of Christ.11 May the grace of God enable us fathers and husbands to be the men He has called each of us to be for His glory and honor, and in doing so, become a generation of servants of Jesus!12

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