The other morning in my devotions I read about the priests who ministered unto the Lord. The Scripture records how they did their business, which was essentially a routine that began every morning and evening.1 Somehow, the words “every morning” leapt off the pages at me. Those verses led me to other “every morning” verses.

Every morning, Israel was to gather manna.2 Manna is a ‘type’ of Christ3 and of God’s Word.4 Every morning, the priest was to offer up sweet incense,5 which is a ‘type’ of prayer.6 Every morning, he was to offer up the burnt offering,7 which was the offering of consecration unto the Lord.8 Every morning, the priests were to stand up to thank and praise the Lord.9

Are you getting the picture here of morning devotions? What a way to begin each day!

As we spend that time before the Lord, we are assured of a ‘special visit’ from Him,10 along with all the mercy we will need for that day.11 I trust that the Holy Spirit will use these verses to raise us out of any rut or routine of lifeless devotions into a fresh encounter every morning with Jesus, “the bright and Morning Star.”12

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