“But we see Jesus” (Hebrews 2:9). How important it is for us to see Jesus throughout each day. Too often we only check in with Him in the morning, say goodnight, and throw in occasional “Please” and “Thank You” for other blessings. However, our faith in Jesus needs to go much deeper than that.

Starting and ending our day with Jesus is a good habit to get into. Thanking Him is also important for a steady walk, but let’s not stop there. When we go to work, we need to determine that the job we are doing is for Jesus. Our marriage and home life is lived more fully when we see Jesus. We need to get rid of the thought of doing anything independent of Jesus. The church at Ephesus did the work of the Lord, but fell out of touch with the Lord of the work. We all need to guard against that danger.9

Do I need to convince you that the majority of “Christmas” activity has nothing to do with Jesus? Let’s not fall into the trap of missing Jesus in favor of careers, “making a living,” or even Christmas. Let’s get back to basics, saints! Jesus said, “Come unto Me,” “Learn from Me,” “Follow Me,” and “Abide in Me.” Cultivate living in His presence. “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.” Give glory to the Lamb of God for His keeping power.

Jesus said to remember Him, so focus your life upon Him. Your peace depends upon it.