Terminology is so important in the life of faith. For example, how do you apply the words of Jesus, My yoke is easy and my burden is light to the life of the apostle Paul? Outwardly speaking, Paul’s life was anything but easy and light.

You see, it is only by allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture that we can understand the Christian life. Our faith is a mysterious balance of joy and trials, grace and weakness, comfort and tribulation. Yet, in spite of all that the world throws at us, in Jesus Christ, we have this tremendous promise of peace.

Life’s problems are inevitable, inescapable. However, life and blessings are likewise true. Each of us experience the various seasons of life, but it is vital for us to look beyond the temporal to the eternal. We need to see the invisible, as citizens of heaven, if we are to overcome this present evil world.

Don’t be weary in well doing, dear child of God. Repeatedly Jesus assures us that He is coming quickly. Keep fighting that good fight of faith, and the Lord will fight for you.