Eternal life is knowing the true and living God. All of Scripture points to Him and encourages us to grow in the knowledge of Him. Apart from its theological and eternal importance, the practical value of knowing Him is the key to confident living in an unpredictable world.

Christ is the Rock, the very foundation stone of life, the very One who holds the entire universe intact. He who is called “Faithful and True” has given us His Word, which not only tells us what to believe, but how to live. We cannot live by bread alone; we need the Word of God.

However, you and I have a very serious problem in that we are often moved by what we see or feel. God is faithful. Are circumstances faithful? How reliable are your feelings or emotions? Sadly, many people react to circumstances (usually in the flesh) as opposed to responding to Scripture. The whole gamut of human emotion, ups and downs, are found in the Book of Psalms. What does that tell me? It tells me that I can expect to experience them myself, but, with some New Testament light, be assured that: 1) everything will be okay; 2) nothing can separate me from the love of God; 3) God has not forsaken me; and 4) I have a blessed hope in Jesus.

Peter wrote that “of whom a man is overcome, of the same he is held in bondage.” Too many people are in bondage today to their circumstances and feelings. The fruit of this is usually unbelief, anxiety, loss of confidence in prayer, and self-pity. Is this you today? Tell me, friend, why are you putting God on trial? Why are you allowing your life to revolve around your circumstances or feelings rather than faith in a promise of God, or obedience to a command of God? Why are you allowing the valley of your life to cast a shadow over Calvary and the love He showed for you there?

Would you love Jesus more if you held that answer to prayer in your hand today? Why? I wonder how many of us ‘critics of sovereignty’ would be given the response that God gave to Job in chapters 38-41?

We cannot ignore the reality of our feelings. Neither can we help seeing our dismal circumstances. However, is there not a strength in knowing that Christ can enable us to rise above the disappointments of life? Scripture says there is. Scripture emphasizes the character of the believer, while society emphasizes ‘quality’ of lifestyle. When the quality is not there, we can either go to the Word and put that style of living to the test of Scripture to assess its value and importance, or we can feel deprived and angry at the God who has promised to provide all of our needs.

Who have we put on trial, or put to the test – the world system or God? Who is telling us how to live – television or the Word of God? What more does God need to do to convince you that He loves you? How many refills of pleasure will it take before you finally realize that without Christ ruling your life, anything and everything else is vanity? Isn’t it sad to think that transitory things like money, clothes, entertainment, etc., could make some Christians happier than the Risen Christ?

Keep yourself in the love of God, and purpose to follow Christ’s standard of living. The only thing that you and I can count on never changing is our Friend and Savior, Jesus, the incarnate Word of God.