As I was riding my bike recently, I passed by a town sign with the slogan, “Where Life Is Worth Living”. I couldn’t help questioning that statement as I rode on my merry old way.

However, I realized that if a person, town, or country is not looking to Jesus as the source of their life, then life (if you can call it that) must be found in something else or someone else. I wonder, how many of us are being seduced by worldly slogans?

Moses, the man of God, exhorted the nation of Israel to choose life. He then proceeded to declare that life is found in loving the Lord, obeying Him, and cleaving to Him because, “He is your life”. Both the cause and purpose for your life are found only in Jesus.

How important it is for us to cast down those enemy slogans that would like us to think that life or purpose can be found in anything or anyone other than Jesus.

Seek Him today with all your heart. Listen oh so carefully to His Word today. Don’t settle for existence on a purely human level, when life more abundantly awaits you.