Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Of course we would all agree this is true intellectually, but have we discovered the truth of this scripture personally and experientially?

Our example of giving is our gracious, loving heavenly Father. To follow in His footsteps means that we too will be givers, not takers. Whether it be giving of our finances, time or talents, our giving should always reflect the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.

All that we have belongs to the Lord anyway. How can we hold back that expression of thanksgiving unto the Lord?

Where is the place to begin when it comes to giving? First, you must give yourself totally to the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, you must do this willingly. Lastly, you must do this sacrificially.

As is the case with any other act of service, what matters most to the Lord is the attitude in our heart. “God loves a cheerful giver.”