The Passover commemorates how God delivered the children of Israel out of the cruel bondage they were suffering in the land of Egypt. Recorded in chapter 12 of the book of Exodus, this commemoration provides great types of our deliverance from bondage to this world through our Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ.

The Israelites were to eat the bread with their loins girded, that is, ready to serve or go to battle if necessary. They were to place the lamb’s blood on the two side posts and over the door of their houses for safety against the judgment of God. For seven days they were not allowed to eat any bread with leaven in it — leaven being a type of sin.

Every detail of the ancient Passover has practical significance for you and me today. Through faith in the sacrifice of Christ, we are reminded of His gracious provision for our sin. We too are to have our loins girded for obedience unto holiness. We too are to purge our lives of the leaven of the world and the flesh.

May each one of you experience the reality of our Passover Jesus in your life today.