One powerful principle in the kingdom of God is the principle of submission, which we see throughout Scripture. We see it taught in marriage, as it pertains to government, work, and in the local church. All Christians are called to live a life of submission in the fear of God. Jesus Himself is our example of submission. (Eph 5:22;  1 Peter 2:13,  Rom 13:1-7;  Eph 6:5-9;  Heb 13:17;  Eph 5:21;  1 Peter 2:21,23)

Submission recognizes God-ordained authority, which Jesus associates with great faith. God-ordained submission is never to be understood by anybody in a position of authority as a ‘power trip’, but as that which is designed by God for functional purposes and order. How lovely it is when the people of God have the mind of Christ, and are clothed with humility. What freedom there is when the only will that matters is: “Thy will be done.”

A proper understanding of Biblical submission eliminates confusion and it recognizes the importance of every member of the body. Each and every person who is part of this fellowship is so by Divine design. So are you contributing to the whole, or picking it apart?

As a local church which understands the principle of submission we will be blessed, because we realize that there is only one Head who died for us, that we might live, not for ourselves, but for Jesus Christ.