When a person is living in sin or some form of compromise, they usually accuse the person who is speaking God’s word to them of being critical, when in fact they are being Biblical. God’s word is corrective and instructive, and does indeed judge (the Greek word means criticize) unbiblical behavior, doctrines and philosophies. God’s word is not only honey for the hurting soul, it is also a hammer for hard heads and hearts!

A true spokesman for God will never call evil good or good evil. Likewise, they will never justify the wicked or condemn the just. They will never tolerate “another Jesus” or “another gospel”.

The Bible tells us that Godly rebuke is better than secret love. So, when Nathan rebuked David for his adultery, was he being critical or Biblical? When the apostle Paul addressed issues of sin and compromise, was he being critical or Biblical? When Jesus rebuked the religious leaders for their hypocrisy and unrighteousness, was He being critical or Biblical?

Saints, our fellowship with one another is to be according to Biblical principles, not critical. May we have the discernment to understand the “Romans 14” issues of our day; but may we never coddle the flesh in the name of Jesus!

All of God’s Word, not just parts of it, flow from His heart of love for us. So don’t add to it or take away from it. Let’s be Biblical, not critical, through and through.