On my recent trip to India the Lord brought clarity in my heart about ‘Church life’ or life in the Spirit. Each of us who are in Christ craves for a deeper, more meaningful walk with Jesus. Likewise, we all seek to experience the moving of God’s Spirit as recorded in the book of Acts.

As I mentally listed what the Church has today that we don’t find in the book of Acts, it intrigued me. We have beautiful buildings, bookstores, concerts, and a variety of Christian music, cafés, computers with all kinds of Bible programs, Christian radio, innumerable Bible translations, and the list goes on and on.

Now, what did the Church in the book of Acts have or rely upon? The risen Jesus, the Person of the Holy Spirit, the understanding of the Father’s love and grace, the Word of God in their heart, and the fellowship with their Lord and one another. Their homes were their ‘cafés’. Their worship times were their concerts. They were taught God’s word and they shared it wherever they went as the Holy Spirit led them. They were totally dependent upon God to heal, save, protect, and provide for them.

To get a clearer picture of God’s heart and plan for His Church, read Acts 2, John chapters 13-17, Philippians 2:1-11, and Mark 10:43-45.