On his deathbed the prophet Elisha had a final word for Joash, the king of Israel (2 Kings 13:14-19). It was concerning Israel’s enemy Syria. The Lord God, through Elisha, uttered a word of tremendous victory. Praise God! However, when Elisha told Joash to take the arrows and smite the ground, symbolizing the victories that his faith in God would attain, he stopped at three victories. Elisha was angry at the limitations that Joash had placed upon God’s ability to grant the nation victory.

The Lord Jesus died to give us victory over death and over the world. So often when we read or hear a promise from the Word we stagger in unbelief. Usually because we think that we are the ones responsible for bringing the promise to pass. Wrong! Our sole responsibility is to obey by faith, trusting in the Lord to perform what He has said. We are not responsible to produce results because we can’t. It is only when we walk by faith in Christ that we see fruit and conquest.

Why did Israel take a 40 year tour of the land instead of a 3 day “missions trip”? Because they limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember how their mighty God had delivered them from Egypt. Nor did they believe Him for future victories. I wonder how many times there was a victory prepared but my unbelief limited my striking the ground with arrows of victory. Despite our “shortcomings” the Lord will work “till He sends forth justice to victory”.

What battle are you facing right now? Rather, what battle is greater than your Lord? Victory is not apart from but through Jesus Christ. When we cleave to the sword the Lord will work great victories in our lives. Every victory is His! Your trial is really an arrow with the word “victory” inscribed upon it. Don’t shoot it into the ground in frustration; don’t break it in half in anger. Shoot it up towards heaven and praise Jesus for the victory that He has given unto you.

In Christ we are at the advantage, despite the volleys of life. Don’t pout. “Shout to God with the voice of triumph!” Our triumph is in His hands!